black Moto sandals Suicoke xH8s6n

black Moto sandals Suicoke xH8s6n
black Moto sandals Suicoke
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The Platform service can be used to get information about your current device. You can get all of the platforms associated with the device using the platforms method, including whether the app is being viewed from a tablet, if it's on a mobile device or browser, and the exact platform (iOS, Android, etc). You can also get the orientation of the device, if it uses right-to-left language direction, and much much more. With this information you can completely customize your app to fit any device.

Returns app’s language direction. We recommend the app’s index.html file already has the correct dir attribute value set, such as <html dir= "ltr" > or <html dir= "rtl" > . W3C: Structural markup and right-to-left text in HTML

Get the query string parameter

Gets the height of the platform’s viewport using window.innerHeight . Using this method is preferred since the dimension is a cached value, which reduces the chance of multiple and expensive DOM reads.

Depending on the platform the user is on, is(platformName) will return true or false . Note that the same app can return true for more than one platform name. For example, an app running from an iPad would return true for the platform names: mobile , ios , ipad , and tablet . Additionally, if the app was running from Cordova then cordova would be true, and if it was running from a web browser on the iPad then mobileweb would be true .

returns true/false based on platform.

Returns true if the app is in landscape mode.

Returns true if the app is in portait mode.

Returns if this app is using right-to-left language direction or not. We recommend the app’s index.html file already has the correct dir attribute value set, such as <html dir= "ltr" > or <html dir= "rtl" > . W3C: Structural markup and right-to-left text in HTML

Returns app’s language and optional country code. We recommend the app’s index.html file already has the correct lang attribute value set, such as <html lang= "en" > . W3C: Declaring language in HTML

The pause event emits when the native platform puts the application into the background, typically when the user switches to a different application. This event would emit when a Cordova app is put into the background, however, it would not fire on a standard web browser.


You can find your field names on the form's alias page.

For example, if you had a field called "price" with an alias of tfa_1 and you wanted to automatically fill it with a value of "$10.00," your parameter would look like:

You can also reference data submitted in the previous form by replacing FIELD_VALUE with the corresponding field name, surrounded by a double percent sign (%%).

For example, if you had a field on your second form with an alias of tfa_1 that you wanted to fill with a value from a field on your first form that had an alias of tfa_7, your parameter would look like:

To separate different field name/value pairs, use the ampersand () character.

For example, if you wanted to define a field value and prefill a field with a previous field's value, your parameter would look like:

Again, you can refer to the form's aliases page to identify field names.

Note: The parameters option is automatically appended to the form URL, so you should only specify field name/value pairs (i.e., omit the URL part).

Click Configure on the workflow row for the FormAssembly hosted workflow link to send to prospective respondents. You can also publish you workflow, see below for more.

To publish your workflow within an iFrame, use the standard FormAssembly iFrame code and replace the URL in the iframe src=" " below with your Workflow Start URL:

Your Workflow Start URL can be found on the Workflow tab:

To embed a workflow within Wordpress, begin by making sure that you have installed the most recent version of our Wordpress plugin .

Next, use the following shortcode to publish your workflow:

Note : Your workflow ID is the number after the in your workflow URL:

To use a server-side script to publish your workflow you should begin by placing the code that you are using for your server-side script into the page you're making.

Next, you'll want to replace the reset link that is referencing your form.



With workflow details:

With workflow details:

Then you should be ready to test! Just make sure that your workflow ID and URL are correct as outlined above.

If you would like to pass an unsecure query parameter to the first form in a workflow, then there is one step you'll need to complete in addition to building your prefilling link.

For this example, let's say you're using the parameter "AID" for anaccount ID. On the configuration page of the first form in your workflow, you'll need to add AID=%%AID%% for the first step. For example:

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